Always keep one with you


I have used my Buff to protect my kindle, support a sprained wrist, pad under a fraying rucksack strap – oh yes … and to keep the sun and wind off in summer and keep my neck warm in winter. Maybe I need more than one!

Though I have to say I have never worn one as illustrated here except when trying to sleep a little longer on a summer morning.
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Mountain Equipment – Some things last for ever

Mountain Equipment

I must have bought my first Mountain Equipment clothing in Buxton back in the 1980’s, but today I learned that the company has been producing outdoor clothing and equipment for over 50 years.

I love this image which I am sure is the same design as the one I still have made from ‘Polartec’

The range now has State-of-the-art technologies and user-driven features, but for me it’s the seeming indestructibility of the fabrics and construction which make this my first choice of gear.