Apps and Websites for Travellers

There are sites and apps which are great for planning trips, and others which I would not want to be without while on the move. This is a personal selection, but it would be great to hear of any sites or apps you find invaluable on your treks.

Sites and Apps for Planning your Trips

Google Maps

Google maps used to be a fairly simple app, but increasingly because of user feedback and engagement it comes with just about the best directory of what can be found in each location. From accommodation to local attractions and places to eat, like a portable directory.

Google Translate

One of the features I like about this app is being able to photograph anything from menu’s to inscribed stones and see the text translated. You can also here the pronunciation of translated words – not perfect but helpful.

View Ranger

A favourite hiking route finder with thousands of route guides and ability to create your own adventures with the world’s best outdoor maps. Using maps and user input with routes in many countries. Often found great hikes which I had not found on regular maps.

What Three Words

Reassuringly simple to use, with this app you need never be lost or struggle to locate a place or person again. Instead of using your map to work out your grid reference, or if you have it, convey that grid reference over the phone, what3words uses 3 unique word combinations for every 3 metre square in the world. Easily share your location or find your way to an exact spot.


Remarkably good app for discovering how to get anywhere by plane, train, bus, ferry & car. Seems to be great at having up to date information. Easy to use – the best I have found for public transport options.