Oxwich Bay Beach Walk

Just got back from a great walk in the Gower and had to do a quick write up. Oxwich Bay is on the south coast of the Gower and is home to one of Britains best beaches. We stayed at the Oxwich Bay Hotel which is one of the best bases at this time of year as its a little chilly for camping unless you have a wind proof tent. As the weather was a little chilly it was a good opportunity to test out my new North Face Jacket which  had no problem keeping out the cold.

From the hotel we followed the beach all the way to the end. Apparently when the tide is very low you can follow can round the head land to 3 cliffs bay, but we were a bit to late. However we were lucky enough to get to the “secret beach” which can only be accessed at low tide. Its difficult to advise which is the best way to go at this point because it depend on the tide. If you cant access the secret beach you need to head up the dunes before hand and get on the coastal path. If you can get on to the secret beach you can clamber up onto the headland. As previously mentioned if you time it right (low tide) you may be able to stay on the beach and sneak round the headland before the tide comes in (but don’t take too long!!).

The next bay over is three cliffs bay and is one of the most magical bay’s in the country. With meandering stream and derelict castle it really is one of the best views in UK if not the world. There are numerous ways to drop down into the bay, the safest option is definitely the coastal path. We dropped down off the head land through the tree’s but beware there is a large drop at the bottom of the woods.

There are then stepping stones over the stream in the bay which allow you to cross the bay and head up the dunes to see the derelict Pennard Castle. From this points you will get the best views and a good spot to take a few photo. We then took the coastal path back over the headland and dropped down back onto the beach.

Its truly a great walk no matter what time of year.