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Assos RS SturmPrinz Evo Cycling Jacket - XS Prof Black - Jackets

Specification Review

With the rs.sturmPrinz EVO Windproof jacket the objective was to create the ideal rain and wind-protective jacket for high-performance cycling, no holds barred and no corners cut by the accountants. However, Assos' aim was not to make a 100% waterproof jacket. Why not? Because 100% waterproof also means 100% impermeable -  sweat builds up and can't escape. Not what you want. The evaporation process must be proactive, it mustn't be slowed excessively by your protective shell - which ultimately leads to cold and chills. To this end the rs.sturmPrinz EVO protects but also breathes incredibly well-maintaining body temperature and comfort. Assos have calibrated and optimised the balance between insulation and protection, without jeopardising your performance, giving you a functional, intelligently engineered, cycling-specific anti-rain device that works! This has been achieved through the use of exclusive TRITON fabric, specifically engineered by Assos for the rs ... More info

RRP: £390

Best Price £140